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The video on the State of Venture Capital is an amazing exegesis of how broken things are, and is easily the best I have seen on the topic.
Founder/CEO, Board Member
What you write is of a lot of interest from both angles.
Chief Economics and Finance Advisor
Thanks again for your good work and innovative thinking.
This is brilliant.
Investor & Philanthropist
Georges represents sanity in a sea of madness !
Professional Engineer
Every LP, VC and entrepreneur should watch The State of Venture Capital video.
VC funded Entrepreneur, Founder/CEO, Board Member
I look forward to working together.
Member of Congress
Thank You. What you are doing... it will not only save the industry. It's a complete redesign, rendering the old model both unrecognizable and obsolete.
I love your articles!
Head of Equity Fund Investments
The no holds barred clarity of your writing, based on a foundation of direct experience, continues to shine a rare ray of light in the darkness of a long tunnel that still lies ahead of us.
Really Outstanding Vision of The Industry. You should be running things in Washington, DC.
Absolutely the most rational piece that has been written on the reasons why the VC industry will need to incorporate some changes going forward.
I just wanted to say thank you. I feel energized and not "alone" anymore. Very encouraging to read what you have written.
I stumbled on your blog a couple of weeks ago and it grabbed me by the brain stem and has resonated through my neural matter ever since.
Life Sciences Chairman
Brilliant, as always!
Prolific, Prophetic and Politically incorrect as usual! When can we do coffee?
Venture Capitalist
This is the first (and probably only) time I see an american citizen finally understanding and speaking about his own country.
What a great column. I could not agree more with you.
Economic Development Principal
Your refreshing take on the required consciousness for funding and funders is a breath of fresh air in a world of darkness.
Venture Catalyst
Excellent and path-breaking thinking.
Your insight and analyses are the best.
Love your work Georges. Your illuminating view of the VC world - and hard hitting prose are among the very best. Fred Wilson and Marc Andreessen could take a page from your book.
I am beyond impress by what you have achieved.
Adjunct Professor
Great summary of the state of venture capital and many of the ills that plague the industry.
Venture Partner
Your blogs are the downright best in the Valley!
VP Products
The highest admiration goes to your wisdom, dear Georges.
Global Economics Organizer
Keep up the good work! -- signed Thomas Jefferson

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