The world as our startup

Founded in 1998 in Palo Alto, The Venture Company gradually evolved from building systems of innovation to building systems of evolution. We completely re-wrote the value system for humanity.

From his long tenure perfecting the economics of innovation (including returning over $100M to venture capital investors) founder Georges van Hoegaerden delivers the innovation of economics humanity deserves.

We do not tolerate man-made nonsense, and capture crucial attention with our dogged pursuit for a better world. Including from: The Executive Office of The President, The House, The Senate, some 713 universities, 112 colleges, 98 business schools, 63 world leading banks, 215 asset managers, 45 venture capital firms.

Over 300 hard-earned accolades and covered by the press globally. Including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, Business Week, Fortune, NPR, San Francisco Chronicle, Reuters, AltAssets, Pensions & Investments, Investors’ Business Daily, SuperReturn, Portfolio and many others.