Founded in 1998, The Venture Company provides economic policy advisory to leaders of startups, corporations, investment firms, asset management firms and governments. As the author of Renewable Economics™ The Venture Company has rewound and reinvented the fundamental operating principles of growth and scale.


“If we want to inspire the world with our leadership, we must stop selling lies to unsuspecting greater-fools, and lead – by example – with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.” — Georges van Hoegaerden


The Venture Company was founded by a lifetime practitioner of innovation. As a true testament Georges van Hoegaerden has reinvented himself numerous times; from a programmer to a serial entrepreneur, an innovation catalyst, a 4-time CEO, a board director, and a (part-time) venture capitalist turned evolutionary economist (by fate).

With over 32 years of global business experience, having raised over $14M in funding for Silicon Valley startups and producing over $100M in returns, Georges invested over $1M and five years of his life to turn economics from voodoo science into practical operating principles for growth. Providing the mechanism to design the opportunities for our world, our companies and our governments anew.

In Practice

Georges helps ring the closing bell on Nasdaq

What you write is of a lot of interest from both angles.

Chief Economics and Finance Advisor

Thanks again for your good work and innovative thinking.


I look forward to working together.

Member of Congress

Excellent and path-breaking thinking.


Your insight and analyses are the best.

Global Economics Organizer

Would you like to join our session as a presenter, referee, or panelist?

PhD Economics

Thanks again for your good work and innovative thinking


Your state of VC along with many of your posts have been great guides for wisdom in this industry.

Principal, Venture Fund China

I think you are on to something.

Limited Partner

I applaud your blogs.

Managing Partner, Investment Bank

Your story is very impressive.

Limited Partner

Your insight and analyses are the best.


Love your work Georges. Your illuminating view of the VC world – and hard hitting prose are among the very best.


I am beyond impress by what you have achieved.

Adjunct Professor

I have been an LP in Venture and needless to say I lost money. Next time I will put it with you.

Limited Partner

Your blogs are the downright best in the Valley!

Vice President of Products

I am finally reading your blog — I shouldn’t have waited so long.


This is a very thoughtful approach and many of the top plan sponsors and LPs are aggressively looking at ways to address the gap you’ve outlined. This is very well done.

Funds-of-funds Manager

I wonder if you could spearhead Washington…

Chief Scientific Officer, Pharmaceutical Company

The highest admiration goes to your wisdom, dear Georges.

Global Economics, Politics & Strategy Network Organizer

I absolutely LOVE your work.

Vice President Marketing, $3B Venture Capital Firm

Your insight and analyses are the best. Every LP should read Georges’ articles!

Chairman of the Board, Investment Firm

Great post!

Fortune Magazine

Admire your work and just pre-ordered your book.

Board Member and Venture Capitalist

I love your blogs… Very insightful.

President and CEO, Family Office

Georges does not read books; he is the book.

Medical Doctor

I am always delighted to read what you write. Delighted..

Researcher Investment Management and Global Roundtable

Bragging rights

No steadfast religion likes to be challenged. Nevertheless, The Venture Company’s arguments for change have captured the attention of some 75,000 people from all over the world, including from some very notable institutions: The Executive Office of The President, The House, The Senate, The Clinton administration, some 713 universities, 112 colleges, 98 business schools, 63 world leading banks, 215 asset managers, 45 venture capital firms.

We received over 300 glowing accolades, have been asked to speak all over the world, and our viewpoints have been covered by major news and media outlets, such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, Business Week, Fortune, NPR, San Francisco Chronicle, Reuters PEHub, AltAssets, Pensions & Investments, Investors’ Business Daily, SuperReturn and Portfolio amongst many others.


We work globally on location and from offices in Chapel Hill (NC), Palo Alto (CA) and Washington (DC).