Absolutely the most rational piece that has been written on the reasons why the VC industry will need to incorporate some changes going forward.


Your blogs are a delight! Funny, informative to a subjective degree and most important to me, evoke an urge to response.

CEO, startup

Great article and responses.

Harvard Alumni Moderator

Fascinating post on VC changes and challenges.

Business and Technology editor

I’ve been following your blog recently and I find it to be insightful and entertaining.

CEO, Startup

It is refreshing to see this sort of candor.

Entrepreneur and CEO

Good info about VC.

Merger and Acquisitions Advisor

Very interesting. Another great article from Georges.

Editor, Venture Capital Publication

I enjoyed the article you posted with this group today and took the liberty of re-posting it elsewhere

President and Chairman

I really liked your blog.

Director of Sales

Excellent article.

Editor Financial Times

I couldn’t agree more


Your blogs fully echo my experience so far.


Loved your post on fund raising – it is spot on!

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I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Thanks and keep up the great writing!

Founder and CEO

Would be most honored to add you to my network.

Investment Partner, China

Your articles are darn good.


Loved your blogs. I am going to send the link to companies’ CEOs so they can realize that the issue might not be a lack of money!

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I share many of your thoughts with regard CEOs raising Venture Capital.

CTO and President

Which investors to avoid… very practical and useful info.

Founder and CEO

I agree with most of what you say.

Venture Capitalist

I love your post “Idiot CEOs.” Having bootstrapped to success three ventures with exit from sale and one IPO I agree with you.

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Somebody pointed me to you blog on Idiot CEOs. Great stuff.

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I read your article about “Idiot CEOs” After doing 3 turnarounds without VCs, I took on one startup with VC backing and will never do that again.

Serial CEO and Board Director

You are an advocate to the CEO, and I have much respect for you.

President and CEO

I enjoy your blog very much.

Private Equity Investor

I just read your post titled “Idiot CEOs” and enjoyed it. I am CEO of my first venture and trying to avoid VC like the plague by creating intelligent partnerships.


We just went through a lot of what you wrote about — and in the end decided on a different path for funding because it didn’t make any sense.


Painful to read for me, but a Great article — I only wish you’d had sent this to me in 1997.

Vice President

Read George’s article, it’s a good one.