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  • No official word from Apple, but I am expecting iTunes to run in the cloud real soon, with reduced tethering dependency on the PC.
  • I love my Bose 901s, but a recent visit to their stores demonstrates that their best speakers will not work with any recent home theater amplifiers that support HDMI. So I guess buying 7(.1) of them is no longer an option. Time to look around.
  • With flawed Venture economics as the main reason why Venture Capital cannot perform and 95% of VC being posers with no performance to back up the merit they claim, why does Mark Suster of GRP Partners keep hammering on how entrepreneurs need to meet GP expectations? Isn’t that the world upside-down? Instead, VCs need to learn how to locate real entrepreneurs who know how to make VCs big bucks. General Partners need help, not entrepreneurs.
  • The Canon 5D mark II is a great camera but suffers from BMW’s iDrive menu control complexity and redundancy, the Rebel XT user-interface was better. Nothing I can’t master, but hard for technology novices with a good eye. With professional optics the camera lacks sufficient controls to balance aperture with speed.
  • Philips gave up on their powerful, but cumbersome to program Pronto Universal remotes last summer, and I switched to Harmony’s Universal remotes (now Logitech) with cloud based configuration. Not perfect, but not bad at all. But which genius at Harmony decided that when the battery runs out, docking or hooking up USB charger disables all capabilities. Yet when it is charged it passes “the girl test” in our house. Check out the fantastic channel resources on RemoteCentral.
  • After a bit of searching the most crisp font for the new MacBook Air – for now – is embarrassingly (to Apple) the Android font available from Google. Download for free and select Droid Serif in Mac Mail and notice a newfound clarity. Hope Apple’s new quality control guy picks up on this one, and that he fixes some anti-aliasing that is broken on the Air and in Safari.
  • Time Warner has released an impressive beta version for online scheduling of DVR recording, for a PC web experience that is. Manages multiple DVRs as well. But who needs multiple DVR’s with their new one DVR-in-the-home service. Better internet upload speeds for consumers (Roadrunner +) are coming, apparently driven by World of Warcraft latencies experienced by many Time Warner users. The power of gaming.
  • BMW’s second to last iDrive (still in some of today’s models) explains the main issue in User Interface Design vendors struggle with, where not its consistency but the language is the problem. The new one on the brand new BMW 5 series is slightly better.


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