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Microsoft and Nokia, Apple iAds, Cisco’s consumer, Faster medical device adoption

  • Nokia and Microsoft are teaming up. Do two losers make one winner? Good luck blending two losing platforms together. The problem is your business model Microsoft, from which you can never build an ultimate computing experience.
  • Apple’s iAds are hurting according to TechCrunch. No surprise, since when does a company that builds great value to consumers and gained their trust expect to be successful in attracting technology that does the opposite? Traditional online advertising is dead anyway (in terms of producing real turnover), social recommendations are much more valuable and less disturbing.
  • Cisco’s top consumer executive is leaving. What a surprise, coming from a little company called Flip video cameras that Cisco acquired in 2009. Cisco’s proficiency in consumer technologies requires a rebuild of their DNA. For the exact same reasons Oracle has a problem driving anything into the market beyond its core business model. I have been there, tried that.
  • Did you know medical device introductions happen 1-3 years faster in Europe than they do in the US? So says the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency. Request the study here. I am sure the FDA has something to do with that. You can probably get them to market even faster in Mexico.


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As a Silicon Valley entrepreneur having raised $14M in venture capital and having returned over $100M to investors I noticed a systemic flaw in the way we build systems. And so I gradually evolved my focus from the economics of innovation to the innovation of economics. I completely re-wrote the playbook of economics to serve us all and named it Renewable Economics™.

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