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IPO cracks; A $375 billion PE hangover

  • We wrote about The IPO bubble and described once again how our financial markets are not free and therefore disproportionately and artificially assign benefit to a few. Steven M. Davidoff, writing as The Deal Professor for The New York Times Dealbook site chimes in with his own version. [Links: The New York Times Dealbook]
  • Private equity funds have $375 billion hangover, which they can easily throw overboard in the macro-economically defunct marketplace of Venture Capital. I wonder if bubbles grow bigger in a vacuum. [Links: Pensions & Investments]


About Georges van Hoegaerden

After my ideas had raised $14M and returned over $100M to investors in Silicon Valley I could not help but detect a systemic flaw in the way we detect, build, fund and support systems of innovation. On an entrepreneurial quest to root-cause I evolved my focus from the economics of innovation to the innovation of economics, and ended up completely rewriting the playbook of economics that must guide us all. I named my invention Renewable Economics™.

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