2012: The State of Venture Capital

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After the preeminent presentation on The State of Venture Capital has been viewed (bullet-by-bullet) by some 11,000 people, we revised The State of Venture Capital and updated it with the latest findings from 2012.

Identification of the real problem
The State of Venture Capital is unique in that it does not attempt to chase the temporal behavior of Venture Capital, but questions why Venture Capital the way it is deployed today is economically incompatible with the needs of innovation. And thus unchanged no amount of money deployed to the sector can make it yield returns in line with the massive adoption greenfield of its underlying asset (innovation).

Leads to a systemic solution
The fantastic revelation that comes out of The State of Venture Capital is that the performance of innovation is actually limited by sub-prime implementation of Venture Capital and that when unleashed, innovation that produces tangible Social Economic Value can see the light of day again. Besides the analysis of what is economically wrong with Venture Capital, we have also developed a systemic fix – ready for deployment by any Government, Limited Partner or Venture Capitalist who wants it.


We encourage comments that are relevant to our observations, conclusions and the specific topics discussed in this blog, either in agreement or disagreement. Leaving your insightful comments here will ensure others can learn from them too.  Keep in mind however this is not a place to spew your own theories (go write your own blog), but the best place to question or approve our observations.

About Georges van Hoegaerden

Georges is a serial entrepreneur, venture catalyst, 4x CEO, board director turned innovation economist (by fate). His ideas have raised $14M in venture capital and produced over $100M in returns. More.

  • Kj

    That’s a very very interesting slideshow.. Does that apply to other places than the US?

    • http://venturecompany.com/ Georges van Hoegaerden

      Yes, The State of Venture Capital reflects the global state. Albeit there are some aggravating circumstances in non-U.S. parts of the world that limit the risk taking of investors even more, and reduces the intake of entrepreneurial capacity locally.