Not a cloud in the sky

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Eagle in the sky

Sunday I tried playing music through my Apple TV locally connected to my MacBook Pro that acts as the iTunes server with my music on it. It could not connect to the iTunes store, which it apparently had to. Alas, no music today.

Today the weather got nippy, and I logged into my mobile nest (thermostat) application on the iPhone to adjust the temperature. To no avail. The nest server cannot be found.

So, think twice before you argue with me on the notion that the best cloud is still your own. Think three times before you trust your services to the cloud.

Today apparently, the “gods” decided there be no cloud in the sky.


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About Georges van Hoegaerden

Georges is a serial entrepreneur, venture catalyst, 4x CEO, board director turned innovation economist (by fate). His ideas have raised $14M in venture capital and produced over $100M in returns. More.

  • Brad Harkavy

    Did you consider walking over to your beautifully over engineered thermostat and changing the temperature the old fashioned way?

    • Georges van Hoegaerden

      Yes, Brad. But that exactly makes my point about why “the best cloud is still your own”.

      And yes, apart from the cloud outage I am very pleased with my nests.

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