The State of Venture Capital Infographic

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The State of Venture Capital Infographic

Check out the come-to-Jesus in the preeminent video of The State of Venture Capital, and then head over to Renewable Economics™ for a rebirth of sorts, where we shed light on how to fix the atrophy venture capital has caused to groundbreaking entrepreneurialism.

To correct the problems of venture capital’s inability to trace the massive opportunity for innovation, we do not suggest deploying more money to the asset class, but changing its effectiveness with modern and smarter economics designed to trace outliers. Renewable Economics to the rescue.

Happy New-Year everyone!


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About Georges van Hoegaerden

Georges is a serial entrepreneur, venture catalyst, 4x CEO, board director turned innovation economist (by fate). His ideas have raised $14M in venture capital and produced over $100M in returns. More.