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The State of Venture Capital Infographic


Also, check out the come-to-Jesus in the preeminent video of The State of Venture Capital for more details. Then head over to renewable economics for a rebirth of sorts, where we shed light on how venture capital has merely inherited its flaws from the poorly defined macro-economics.

To correct the problems of venture capital’s inability to trace the massive opportunity for innovation, we do not suggest deploying more money to the asset class, but changing its effectiveness with modern and smarter economics designed to trace outliers. Renewable Economics to the rescue.

Happy New-Year everyone!

About Georges van Hoegaerden

After my ideas had raised $14M and returned over $100M to investors in Silicon Valley I could not help but detect major flaws in the evolutionary process of, and support for innovation. On an entrepreneurial quest to root-cause I evolved my focus from - first - the economics of innovation to - second - the innovation of economics and - third - ended up completely reinventing the human value-system maximizing our collective diversity and ingenuity. I named my invention Renewable Economics™.


  • Andres says:

    What do you mean about VCs going against Free-Market?

    On these comments:

    “… innovation without socioeconomic value is redistribution of wealth at the expense of the public.”

    “And when technology companies build value that is economically non-renewable, by violating free-market principles, the difference between valuation and value comes out of the pocket of the unknowing public.”

    For “public” do you mean the investors(limited partners) or any taxable individual(because of government bailouts or funds )?

    • Andres,

      You raise a topic that has brought me to writing a book about it. Free-markets are misunderstood as they are left miserably undefined. A free-market is contingent on the principles that make it “free”. I list those criteria in my blog “Marketplace rules”.

      One should not expect the returns and exploration of innovation to rise to its maximum potential with a market mechanism deployed by the arbitrage of innovation that oligarchically violates every single rule of freedom.

      Or put differently, one should not expect the players in a soccer game to play soccer if the rules of soccer are not clearly understood and diligently deployed by its referee.

      Which mention of public where are you referring to?

  • […] The State of Venture Capital Infographic […]

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