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Are "free markets" possible without government?

Free-markets and government


No. For we need the protection of collective freedom to prevent individual freedom from running amok.

But governance can take many forms and the governments by which we deploy governance today are in flagrant violation of the very principles that secure freedom. Government too needs to adhere to the principles of freedom to support the best proxy of freedom we aim to achieve.

Bottom line is, we must first define and free freedom before we can reap the benefits of its outcome.

About Georges van Hoegaerden

After my ideas had raised $14M and returned over $100M to investors in Silicon Valley I could not help but detect a systemic flaw in the way we detect, build, fund and support systems of innovation. On an entrepreneurial quest to root-cause I evolved my focus from the economics of innovation to the innovation of economics, and ended up completely rewriting the playbook of economics that must guide us all. I named my invention Renewable Economics™.

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