The risk profile – not money – determines what innovation can be discovered. — Georges van Hoegaerden

From my answer posted on Quora about Why VC's are so negative? on…
September 16, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden

An outlier knows no precedent. — Georges van Hoegaerden

As discussed on September 9th, 2014 at a LinkedIn speaker panel…
September 9, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden

Losing VC money is not our biggest problem

HBR's article "Venture capitalists get paid well to lose money" seems to suggest losing money is the worst that can happen. Unfortunately, there is a much more sinister and lasting side-effect from the continued under-performance of venture capital.
August 11, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden

‘Innovation’ without renewable socioeconomic value is (government) sponsored bank-robbery of society. — Georges van Hoegaerden

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August 7, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden

Freedom stripped of its paradox is no freedom at all. — Georges van Hoegaerden

More on How is freedom working for you?, published July 31st,…
July 25, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden
Capital efficiency

15,000 views on The State of Venture Capital

Venture capital has turned subprime, which opens up a fantastic opportunity to turn it prime (again). This narrated presentation begins to explain how.
July 23, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden
Kissing a Pufferfish

Triple Threat Founders

Subprime venture capital causes a fallout of tremendous proportion. But the Triple Threat Founder leads the way in misappropriation of venture capital and risk.
July 20, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden

If we want to inspire the world with our spiritual leadership, we must stop selling lies to unsuspecting greater-fools. And lead the world by example, with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves. — Georges van Hoegaerden

Referring to our self-induced malaise in How is freedom working…
July 19, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden

Has Venture Capital Changed?

Yes, venture capital has changed. Downstream, with the aid of government interference, perpetuating its ever sickening and convoluted economic consequences. But it does not need to be this way.
July 15, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden

Data Leads to Depravity

Heavy reliance on data leads to the systematic confounding of consequence and cause, and worse, a systematic depravity of reasoning. No need to be an economist to understand how.
July 7, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden

A Horizon Too Far

Nothing quite sums up the opinion of Horizon 2020, a large new European government program for innovation, better than a plea from its most powerful member state for me to get involved.
June 16, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden

The fanatical quest for diversity is proof we yearn for a meritocracy we don’t have. — Georges van Hoegaerden

The lack of a meritocracy is the cause of the fanatical pursuit…
June 11, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden

The Double Entendre of Silicon Valley Tourism

Be careful to assign a negative connotation to a "tourist" audience turning off the TV, or to 70% of the U.S. population deciding not to vote, or to entrepreneurs leaving Silicon Valley wanting to contribute to society more than nebulous advertising clicks. For the real winners of our evolution are amongst the recalcitrant tourists of its subpriming.
June 11, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden

Statistics are a measure of consequence, not a matter of cause. — Georges van Hoegaerden

Read The Depravity of Reason from June 2014.
May 26, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden

The expert who revels in consequence is, in the context of evolution, merely a rebel without a cause. — Georges van Hoegaerden

Read The Depravity of Reason.
May 23, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden

The Depravity of Reason

Confounding consequence with cause is the reason why we build disheveled systems that are incompatible with our ability to produce. It also deprives from our most basic human right, universal freedom.
May 22, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden

When innovation’s hand-picked “positives” do not yield the renewable socioeconomic value needed to build a brave new world, one must fiercely question the financial arbitrage responsible for trashing innovation’s false negatives. – Georges van Hoegaerden

April 28, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden
Indian girls

A Fantasy World Running Out of Character

We have created a fantasy world, running out of inspirational character. We must breathe new life in the brave world we envision. So the world we want to escape to, is the world we actually live in.
April 14, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden

Change Symantec

Symantec's problems are not unlike those of other corporations who refuse to listen to their self-induced inconvenient truths. It does not take a genius to fix Symantec, it only takes a truth-finder ready to re-align with the booming demand in internet security.
March 23, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden

Welcome to Renewable Economics™

The constitution of The United States of America was not designed to serve as a framework for the diverse needs of freedom that inspires the world. We now realize for us all to be free, freedom itself must be freed. Requiring a new economic framework we call Renewable Economics™.
March 4, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden
First christmas

How Technology Must Grow Up

Online technology services are poised to reach every citizen of the world. But as technology's operating systems continue to ignore modern economics, their impact will yield more oligarchic governance than its "analog" precedent. With naive populism cheering on the regression of its own power.
February 28, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden
Wooden board

The Problem With Social

Social networks must change if they want to survive and become a driving force of good. And all it takes is the removal of social from socialism.
January 28, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden
Carolina Beach Fireworks

Free Freedom

Freedom itself must be freed from its current narrow definition and outright misplaced control, if we want the bravery of its pursuit to be responsible for the invention of a much brighter future.
January 14, 2014/by Georges van Hoegaerden
Road ahead

Boulevard of Broken Ideologies

Broken ideologies break the spirit and the opportunities of all people. Those ideologies are omnipresent, but can be fixed in one fell swoop. With a new master ideology that treats all people with the respect they deserve, and maintains a healthy equilibrium with nature.
December 25, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden

The Paradox of Freedom

Freedom is the hallmark of American society, an attraction that led me to this country to begin with. Little did I know then, I would have to define the economics of freedom myself, if I ever wanted to live amongst it.
December 3, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden
WhiteHatSec Aviator

Fly right with Aviator, a new secure browser

Courtesy of WhiteHat Security comes a new browser (in beta) that promises to offer new levels of "out-of-the-box" protection to anyone surfing the internet. A worthy and wholesome proposition we should all pay very close attention to.
November 3, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden
Soccer in minecraft

Soccer Economics

The game of soccer, or most sports for that matter, deploys better economics than the self-proclaimed "experts" have prescribed for us. To understand the need for robust economics, one does not need to be an economist. A rudimentary understanding of sports will do.
October 30, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden

The Bitcoin Before The Horse

Bitcoin, as the best known non-fiat online crypto-currency is more frequently portrayed as the magic potion of a thriving new economy. Not so fast, say I, as Bitcoin will just aim to make the world flat again.
October 25, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden

The Dish On Apple’s Restaurant

Thanks for the Windows phone, Apple. Was a comment left by a friend that reflects my opinion exactly. Yet for much more fundamental reasons than the many opacities of a white background one can imagine.
October 17, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden
Non renewable famous

Why Dorsey Is Right and Twitter Is Wrong

I agree with Jack Dorsey; the low-hanging fruits of technology innovation ripen quickly when attached to existing socioeconomic value. Except that one cannot use our current economic systems to assess such value. Twitter's limitation is the outcome of economic naiveté so common in technology companies.
October 9, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden

Don’t Copy Silicon Valley

To copy Silicon Valley the way it operates today would be extremely foolish. To take its advice, as the guiding principles in the exploration of new ideas that shape our future, would equate to outright stupidity.
September 26, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden

The Positivity That Kills Us

Populist positivity amidst serious economic consequences is a charade. A pageantry of false positivity, even seeping through Larry Summers' short letter to the President. Let's change our attitude to reflect a more realistic economic outlook, from which we can then reinvent ourselves and the world anew.
September 17, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden

The Ups and Downs of American Exceptionalism

I subscribe to exceptionalism. The kind that serves as a glowing inspiration to the world. And that means we need to reinvent ourselves along the new lines of a more respectful and more reliable proxy of global freedom.
September 13, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden
US Debt

Why the Mope?

Thumper has been proven wrong. We all said nothing, because we had nothing nice to say. Look what economic mess that got us in. It is time for some honesty to break up the sub-priming of economics. Stay tuned, or forever hold your peace.
September 3, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden
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Why Google Is the Next Microsoft

Google is making the exact same macro-economic mistakes Microsoft made, with its partners following dutifully in its finite slipstream. The similarities are astounding, and if unchanged, will offer a fantastic opportunity for another Apple to emerge.
August 27, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden
entrepreneurs lead

Why I Don’t Follow Anyone (on Twitter)

Recently I got asked why, with a large social following ourselves, we don't follow anyone on Twitter. My summary answer is that Twitter should be ignored, because of its barking dog syndrome. But it does not have to be that way.
August 21, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden

NYSE Euronext’s Free Market Fallacy

The use of the phrase "Free Market" by the NYSE Euronext suggests it has a fundamental economic advantage over other exchanges. Nothing is farther from the truth. We must stop these kinds of misleading pretenses from taking control of our future.
August 2, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden

How Is Freedom Working For You?

Oprah Winfrey's wise rhetorical relationship-advice comes to mind when reading about the daily abuses of finance, as reported by the media. It is time for us to learn from our mistakes and focus on the infinite evolution of our financial "games".
July 31, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden

Broken From The Top

I am perhaps the most optimistic person the world will soon learn…
July 24, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden
To relate

The Relativity of Economics

Now that I have repurposed the role of modern economics pursuant to the rules of nature’s household, the challenge in developing its "operating system" is in its relativity.
July 12, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden
Now you see me

Apple Found Guilty, Now Grow Up Apple

Apple has just today been found guilty of e-book price-fixing, and I urge Tim Cook to deploy a new vector of innovation Steve Jobs (admittedly) could have never envisioned.
July 10, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden
American Pirate

The Only War Worth Fighting

The only war we need to fight - right now - is to protect the renewable evolution of mankind. An internal war aimed to rid our systems from proverbial pirates who ride the waves of the dysfunction we built. If we win this war there will be much less need to impose our will on others.
June 25, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden

Economics Redefined

The term economics has been used and abused in many shapes and derivatives, few one might argue to the improvement of its relevancy and success. I intend to change that.
June 12, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden

Go ahead, ignore me

The economic arbiter that holds our world hostage needs to be reinvented, and only a fool would wait for its purveyors to do so. You are free to ignore me, but the world - as the beneficiary hungry for change - does not.
May 23, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden

KPCB culpa tua

John Doerr's purported admission and video interview with Forbes, on the sluggish performance of KPCB, makes him about as believable as Lance Armstong. And that, including his new actions, projects a sad state of affairs from the emperor of venture capital.
May 10, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden

Justice would prove our systems wrong

Literally anyone with a basic understanding of law can debunk our foundational systems and theses. We must begin to realize that if we want the world to follow our lead in harmony, we should first apply some new rigors of excellence to ourselves.
May 8, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden

The social naiveté of Mark Suster

Mark Suster's keynote at Venture Alpha East was revealing, but not in a good way. The video demonstrates how a bunch of technocrats should no longer blindly be given the keys to the kingdom of the evolution of mankind.
April 25, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden

Economics is about people, not numbers. — Georges van Hoegaerden

From The need to reinvent economics, published April 16, 201…
April 16, 2013/by Georges van Hoegaerden