The Venture Company, founded in Palo Alto in 1998, provides advisory services based on the principles of Renewable Economics™.

After years of digging, we discovered the root-cause of our evolutionary sub-priming. We then invented new foundational principles to spawn renewable democracies.

Reason prevails. Not even The Executive Office of The President, The House, The Senate, top universities, world-leading governments, banks and venture capitalists can ignore us anymore.

Georges, our founder is no ordinary man. Only a fool would spend the last 8 years of his own money and time reinventing our systems of evolution. Only a fool who has been told nothing will change. Only a fool who heard the same when he spawned $100M companies.

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We operate worldwide. From locations in Palo Alto (CA) and Hilton Head Island (SC) we serve the continental United States.

52 New Orleans Road, Suite 300
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928